Can I have a wasp waist thanks to the corset? A few words about a corset diet

Many of us dream of a female figure with a clearly outlined cut in the waist. On the Polish market there is a large selection of cosmetics designed to reduce body fat in individual parts of the body (including also the waist and abdomen). Unfortunately, there is nothing to delude about - the most effective way to sustainably lose centimetres in the circumference is a balanced diet and exercise. Such a training requires time and above all a lot of effort - not every one of us is able to cope with it.  Corset diet, which is more and more often also mentioned by the Polish media. Is this "diet" really able to guarantee a fast reduction of waist circumference? What is it all about and safe?

On the website of one of the most popular Polish distributors of corsets we can find information about this "diet". In my opinion, this is not a reliable source of information, if only because the author of the text makes a sign of equality between terms: tight lacing, corset diet and waist training.

Tight lacing is a kind of very strong body corset, thanks to which the wearer achieves a momentary reduction of the waist circumference by at least 4 inches or about -20% from the original condition. Using tight lacing does not necessarily mean that we are also practicing waist training.

Waist training is a process of slow and systematic reduction of the waist circumference due to wearing a corset. For each person it is different, for some of them it is faster (the effects will be visible after a few weeks), and for others it is slower (first results only after a few or several months). Waist training requires a lot of sacrifices - it is advisable to wear the corset every day for several or several hours. Keep common sense and observe your body, taking into account your individual predispositions. Deciding on waist training, we should remember that changes in the appearance of our body will not be irreversible. If you stop wearing the corset, the waist will begin to return to its previous shape. People working on decreasing body circumference in the area of free ribs will enjoy a more lasting effect (for this purpose the conical corsets, oppressing this area) but it is extremely time-consuming and involves prolonged training. In case of health problems (such as: asthma, anaemia, backbone, respiratory, nervous or circulatory problems, etc.) It is essential to consult a doctor before wearing the corset. If you experience pain or great discomfort, I also recommend to go to the clinic.

Many factors influence the rate at which and to what extent we can reduce the waist circumference by means of a corset. Women's types of figures can vary - some women have naturally visible indentations in the waist, others have a boyish silhouette and a slight difference between waist and hip circumference - in the case of the latter, unfortunately, it will be more difficult to achieve spectacular effects. It is also important to spread muscle and fat tissue in percentages. People with high muscular stomach muscle muscles must be expected to experience a significant reduction in waist circumference and waist training will be slower because the muscle tissue is less susceptible to corset modelling. Age is also important - the older you are, the more difficult the effects will be.

What is a corset diet therefore? 

The health guide. pl website states that:"Corset diet is intended mainly for women tired of using traditional diets. As the creators of the corset diet are convinced, during its duration you don't need to count calories and measure portions of meals, because the disciplinary tool is a corset, which informs you when to stop eating - it's the key to a slim silhouette.  It sounds very encouraging - this description suggests that such a diet is used without any effort.

It is worth taking a look at this topic from the perspective of one of the greatest authorities in the field of corsets - Lucy, who emphasizes her critical attitude towards the concept of a corset diet. Her feelings about this issue are ambivalent, because it turned out that the corset diet invented by doctors was based on the use of flexible modelling lingerie, not having too much in common with the real corset. Lucy draws attention to the misuse of the word "diet" itself, which means a specific way of eating, and commonly refers to slimming diets. The expert observes that wearing a corset does not affect the type of food we choose, in some people it can only cause a decrease in the portions of food we eat, due to the pressure of the stomach, which becomes full faster. The second positive effect of wearing a corset on a person who is losing weight is the immediate effect of

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